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(SWNA Brooks Planning Group) Brooks update

Sunday 7 August 2016

DJ Foley Property Consultants had to submit a ‘Viability Assessment’ to Bristol City Council planning dept. to support their application. The council feel the site is more viable for development than the developers, which means the developer needs to do more to improve the plan for community benefit.

The developers now have to go away and do one of three things. Either:
a) Provide fresh evidence to support their viability assessment
b) Revise their viability assessment and improve the application e.g. offer some affordable housing / keep chimney etc.
c) Come back with exactly the same viability assessment as before.

If they come back with c) the planners will be minded to recommend refusal. The applicant is more likely to come back with a) or b) which may allow the Council to recommend approval.

In any case, we will be informed at the stage that the application goes to development control committee, as it is very likely to do. This will very probably be September at the earliest.


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Submit your own news story

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