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Glenfrome Road Gasometer site to be developed?

Monday 7 January 2013

(information from Ashley Ward facebook site & David Wilcox)
Wales and West Utilities appear to be starting the process of removing the gasometer from their site on Glenfrome Road, St Werburghs. The work will involve removing hazardous waste, particularly contaminated water, oil and sludge, then removing the ironwork, and finally filling in the hole (the gasometer is built on a circular hole between 6 and 12 metres in depth.)

Contractor ‘KDC Contractors’ and sub-contractor ‘Eneotec Ltd’, who specialise in the remediation of brown field sites particularly those polluted by Gas, will undertake this work, expected to last over a year.

The Gasholder here (known as No.3 Holder) is the last remnant of the gas works complex that has existed in this area since a 34-acre site was purchased by The Bristol Gas Light Company in 1875 and gas production started in 1879.

At present there is no planning application in effect and the land is classified as industrial land in the local plan. Wales and West Utilities appear to be trying to clean the site before a planning application is made. Housing developers had been seen checking out the site last year and were quoted as saying that there was potential to build something.

There is local concern about the risk to wildlife, which makes use of the overgrown, upper part of the site. Badgers in particular still have extra legal protection and the contractors have been made aware of their presence. This area is particularly good for noteable birds such as Common Whitethroat. We understand the contractors are only authorised to deal with the gasometer, not touching surrounding vegetation. Wales & West Utilities are apparently going to undertake an environmental survey before any further work is done. There appears to be some local borehole work, which may be in connection with this site or planned adjustments to the local railway.

Removing the Gasometer and filling in the remaining hole will likely involve a lot of extra unscheduled lorry journeys through Eastville, and possibly St Werburghs – this will need mitigation.

Webeditor : St Werburghs Neighbourhood Association hope to set up a planning group that will look at important planning applications in the area. Contact here if you would like to get involved.


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